Here's What You Can Do To Help

With every email you send out...add an email signature containing this website so that everyone
is prompted to come here to check things out. Below are instructions as to how to do this.

Please add the following text to your default signature on your outgoing emails

Paula Wade, 26 years old, and her three year old son Brandon have been missing from their Valdosta, Georgia home since October 13th, 2002. Their family and police are desperately looking for them. Please take a moment and visit the website to see if you have seen them:

1. Click and drag your mouse over the above text to highlight it.
2. While highlighted press the Ctrl-C keystroke combination to copy it to the clipboard.
3. Find the place in your email software where you may type-in a default signature and
use the Ctrl-V keystroke combination to paste-in the text from the clipboard.
(In Outlook Express go to tools, options, signatures. Checkmark the box that says to
'add signatures to all outgoing messages'. Below that, find the box that says to add the
signature and press the Ctrl-V keystroke to copy the text into that box.
From here on in all of your outgoing email messages will have that link on them...thanks!

If you have a webpage or know anyone with one that would be willing to place
a banner on it, we would greatly appreciate it! Simply click and 'save as' to save
it to your directory. Getting their pictures out there is important...thanks again!

(if the webmaster could make the below image a link to it would be great)

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